Fully Featured IIIF Viewer

Mirador is a configurable, extensible, and easy-to-integrate image viewer, which enables image annotation and comparison of images from repositories dispersed around the world. Mirador has been optimized to display resources from repositories that support the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) API's. It provides a tiling windowed environment for comparing multiple image-based resources, synchronized structural and visual navigation of content using OpenSeadragon, Open Annotation compliant annotation creation and viewing on deep-zoomable canvases, metadata display, book reading, bookmarking and more.

Open source

Participate in development on Github. Submit issues, changes, or suggestions, and be a part of the process. You can also join the discussion on the mirador-tech mailing list and slack channel.

Full Featured

Mirador implements the full client functionality of the IIIF Image and Presentation APIs. It provides tools for bringing in metadata, images, structures, and can create, edit, delete, and view annotations in Open Annotation Format.


Mirador can be easily configured to provide the simple functionality of an embedded viewer or bookreader, or opened up into a fully-featured scholarly workspace.

Participate in the Community

Mirador has been built from the needs of the community, and develops through ongoing feedback and discussion. To participate in Mirador's development, bring up your ideas to the mirador-tech and iiif-discuss mailing lists, IIIF/mirador slack channel, and follow updates on the IIIF youtube channel. To suggest features, report bugs, and clarify usage, submit a new github issue at https://github.com/projectmirador/mirador/issues.